When it comes to risk, always make the prudent choice.

Euclid Specialty is the prudent choice when it comes to fiduciary liability and management liability insurance for multiemployer, governmental and other employee benefit plans. To protect your plan - don't take a chance - choose the fiduciary liability insurance experts at Euclid Specialty.
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Our policyholders are held to the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility. They must make prudent choices in everything they do. Since Euclid Specialty experts are committed to providing the best scope of coverage, you can be confident you are making a prudent choice. Whether you face ERISA, Governmental or Non-profit exposures, we are the choice of America's fiduciaries.
Insurance for employee benefit plans
Choose an expertly designed insurance product for non-profit employee benefit plans. Fiduciary Liability Insurance → Fidelity Bonds and Crime Policies → Directors and Officers and Employment → Cyber Liability →
Professional liability insurance
Customized directors and officers insurance protection for labor non-profit 501 (c )(5) entities. Labor Professional Liability → Non-profit D&O → Labor Organization Bonds →