Take risk, but act prudently.

Our policyholders are held to the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility. They must make prudent choices in everything they do. Since Euclid Specialty experts are committed to providing the best scope of coverage, you can be confident you are making a prudent choice. Whether you face ERISA, Governmental or Non-profit exposures, we are the choice of America's fiduciaries.

The Euclid Vanguard policy is a market leading fiduciary program for Non-Profit Employee Benefit Plans, including multiemployer plans subject to ERISA and governmental plans. We are known for our expertise and thought leadership in protecting benefit plans trustees from complex liability by providing timely, proactive market solutions to changing regulatory and market risk. Our team of experts has over 85 years of experience underwriting these complex risks. Put our team and program to work for your plan.

Fidelity Bonds and Crime Policies

The fiduciary insurance experts at Euclid Specialty have designed a crime insurance policy expressly for employee benefit plans. Most employee benefit plans are required to purchase a fidelity bond. But not all bonds meet the stringent standards of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) because they are designed for generic risks. And not all policies have the necessary coverage for today’s electronic world. Some bonds fail to cover all necessary parties, and other bonds fail to provide full coverage for fraud and dishonesty as required by ERISA. Trustees of benefit plans and their insurance professionals can be confident that Euclid’s crime policy has been designed by insurance experts who understand how to comply with complex ERISA and other fiduciary laws.

Directors and Officers and Employment Practices Liability

Employee benefit plans need protection from the everyday risks of running a business. Euclid Specialty can provide one-stop shopping for employee benefit plans to secure directors and officers and employment practices liability coverage.

Cyber Liability insurance

As recent data breaches demonstrate, employee benefit plans face exposure from data breaches and other possible cyber events. While most fiduciary policies already cover many cyber claims from third-parties, in the event of a data breach, benefit plans face a coverage gap in complying with state notification requirements and responding to information breaches. The Euclid Vanguard insurance policy is the first fiduciary liability insurance policy to include a sublimit for first-party cyber insurance coverage. This valuable coverage enhancement reimburses funds for the costs of complying with notification statutes.